We created this page in order to help you navigate our site with ease. It contains all the information you need for that,

which is categorized in 3 self – explanatory sections: 1) A list of terms and definitions,

2) Legend for all the icons and pictures we use on our site and

3) Instructions on how to use M- GATE search engine and your profile.

In our custom classification we define 5 types of programs and events: Observership, Fellowship, PhD program, Summer school and Special program. Upon selecting one of these in our filter on the M-GATE search page, you’ll be prompted to select a payment option in the corresponding filter (which is not obligatory – you can leave it blank to view both paid and free programs).

Observership – type of program, in which you have the opportunity to monitor the work of different hospital departments and research centers, but are not allowed to directly participate in patient treatment and research activities.

Fellowship – type of program, in which you can take part in patient treatment and\or research activities. (Ex. surgeons under this program can participate in operations and invasive diagnostic procedures).

PhD program – a research program, which grants attendant a PhD degree upon finishing it.

Summer school – a short educational or research course, which groups participants for a short period of time (usually during summer) and allows them to improve their skills in corresponding fields of knowledge.

Special program – a unique educational course, that can’t be described by aforementioned definitions.

Grants – a sum of money that can be appropriated to a person or organization, and helps them cover the expenses of attending educational and research programs.

There are two types of grants:

Research grant - for financing research activities.

Travel grant – compensates all (or a bigger part) of transportation and accommodation expenses. In some cases also partially or fully covers the price of registration and participation in different programs.


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