We created this page in order to help you navigate our site with ease. It contains all the information you need for that,

which is categorized in 3 self – explanatory sections: 1) A list of terms and definitions,

2) Legend for all the icons and pictures we use on our site and

3) Instructions on how to use M- GATE search engine and your profile.

For fast and convenient navigation in our database we offer several filters that can be found on M-GATE search page. You can use all of the filters simultaneously as well as only one of them. Remember – the more filters you use at the same time, the fewer programs will be displayed, and you can miss out something interesting.

In case you didn’t find your medical specialty in our filters, or you are getting suspiciously small amount of programs displayed, try using “Search by keywords” line instead of several filters.

Upon filling out filters and\or keyword line, you will be presented with a list of programs, containing the name of program and several icons, which will allow you to quickly navigate them, according to your interests. For more detailed information you can click on corresponding program and read a short description, a list of requirements, payment options and get a link to the official site of that specific program.

Under each program you can leave comments, ask questions, and, most importantly- share your experience in case you actually participated in them. If you couldn’t find a currently existing program in our search engine and want to share it with the rest of the world – please feel free to manually add it, using corresponding tool on M-GATE search page – we gladly accept any help in developing our service.


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